Monday, February 11, 2013

Schedule for 2013
May 19 Hermann Memorial Ironman
June 30 Buffalo Springs Half Ironman
August 25 Ironman Louisville
October 27 Austin Half Ironman (Second time racing this event)

More to come as the year progresses.

Been a long time since I posted anything and decided to revive the blog. A lot has happened since my last posts. I am now racing with team Timex, have a full schedule with two full IM's on the calendar and a couple of half IMs. I'll be in Houston in May racing the Hermann Memorial IM and finished '12 with some decent results. A few half marathons all around 1:45, looking to break the 1:40 mark this spring but focused on IM in May at this point. Been training a lot with a few friends that are great IM triathletes, working with Todd Codish from Vanguard Endurance athletes with some VO2 testing and a final race plan for the next 3 months. Have worked through a lingering cold that won't go away and a hip issue that I think I can resolve through some stretching, ab work and also some solid cross training. If anyone in the Dallas area is training, drop me a line and lets ride/run/swim. Hope everyone is doing well. More posts to follow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Comeback....

Wow, it's been a while since I've raced or even trained with any intensity. I have been back in the pool for the last 2 weeks and I feel like all of my extremities have a mind of their own and let's not even talk about my breathing. I think I've swallowed more water in the last two weeks than most humans drink in a year. I'm starting to feel the stroke and the comfort level return. I've put a few miles on the running shoes again too. It's almost humiliating because I have tons of great tri/cycling gear and I feel like a poseur now since I'm out of shape and gasping for air. Although the beginning of any training is tough, it is starting to feel really good to train. I can recognize certain things in my body and I just feel so much better. The training has also helped clean up my diet and has definitely helped my sleep and mood. The gf is very supportive, she's heard all of the stories about how fit and fast I was and I think she's ready for some proof. We're going to go see the TX Tough GP on Thursday so I'll be sure to post some pics of the race. That's all for now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tulsa Tough........

Okay, the season got off to a SLOW start and I'll be playing catch up all season. I think my first big race other than Memorial weekend will be Tulsa Tough. It's a pretty sweet race that runs downtown Tulsa and you get to race at night too. I'll update as training progresses but had to add the Nike commercial to the blog.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ironman 2008 Kona-Lottery

Okay, I couldn't resist, I missed the 15 minute window to get in to the NYC triathlon. I was pissed, this is the second year in a row that I've missed that race. So, rather than not do a high profile race this year, I entered in the lottery for Ironman 2008. I'll put a couple of shorter races on the schedule this year and will get a 1/2 distance in which I'm not concerned about but I think Kevin has made me drink the Kool-aid and planted the seed that I could do it. I'll update everyone when I find out the results.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot to show off the new ride!!!

Still riding the old bike but will sell it shortly and put those proceeds towards some new carbon race wheels or a new tri bike. Can't wait to see everyone on the road. Edit: have a couple of miles on the new bike and it's so stable and stiff. The bike is fast and I'll have to update the wheels, I'm completely happy with the purchase. I built the bike up myself so I feel pretty comfortable with everything I need to do to my bike now.

winter training........

Not much to report, I've been trying to pick up some wheels through ebay but haven't had any luck. My training has been spotty at best but have had a good couple of weeks. It seems like the last few months have been spent eating cheeseburgers and swilling brew but I think I'm back on track. I probably won't race till April but plan on having a good season like I did last year. still no new frame, the Scott didn't pan our which pisses me off but for now I'm happy just putting some miles in. I may go down to Austin and run the 1/2 marathon but am going to focus more on cycling than anything else for the next few months. Hope everyone is training well. Be carefull of the winter injuries. Here's a cycling related pic, only becuase it's from pez.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

October, an off month

Okay, check this video out, awesome. I took most of October off and feel like shit, this is good right? I'm starting back into my training schedule and really missed the discipline and the feeling of the endorphins. My legs feel rested, watched the marathon tonight and have been putting some time on the trainer. I am trying to get to Cat 3 status early next year but will need huge motivation. Oh, for those of you that have asked about HH100, I had a great race. I was at the front for the first 40 miles, tried to bridge a 2 minute gap with 2 other guys and they fell off pace so it was just me. 25 minutes into a solo time trial I was gathered by the group and with crosswinds, they started guttering people off the back of the pack. I fell off the back, the wheel truck passed me so I was out of the race but I managed to battle back to the pack and hang on for 2 more miles and I was shot off the back again. I drafted the truck, caught back up and hung on for another 15 miles but was shot from my time in "dead man's land" and about 75 miles into the race lost the group. I was PISSED and dead. I went through times where all I could do was not quit then I felt great. The volunteers kept handing me fresh bottles which helped considering I didn't pee for the following 32 hours after the race. Kevin, my training partner, raced mountain bikes, rode the 100 miles and then ran the 1/2 marathon trail run. He's a pretty damn good athlete and showed that training pays off. There was just no way that I could match his efforts this weekend. I had a great start to the weekend but I finished in 4:42 minutes which is pretty fast but about 15 full minutes off the pack. I made the paper with 2 pics, had a great race but just wasn't patient enough. Oh well, better luck next year. Check out this great clip of the 2 time world champion and Specialized rider, Paolo Bettini. Great song that identifies his passion, "love is gonna save us" by Benny Besinno.

Monday, August 13, 2007

10 days to the Hotter than Hell

Been training a lot and had a great pre-race test at the Goatneck. I did 67 miles with an average speed of over 21mph. Kevin pulled incredibly strong all day and we both put out HUGE amounts of effort. I felt unstoppable until I beurnt a little too hard with 5 miles to go. either way my legs are primed for the HH100. 100 mile road race that will be my biggest test yet. I'll stay towards the front and hopefully won't have to cover any breaks since I'm the only Mirage guy racing. I've been training hard and feeling good. A friend Kevin has been really helping me with nutrition, recovery and newly implemented tri training. I'm thinking about putting an ironman on the calendar but will have to have a lot of coaching. I'll keep the training schedule up and make sure my nutrition and hydration keeps on par. I'll update after tomorrows crit.